felixrabe/coffee-dbc 3

Eiffel-style Design By Contract library for CoffeeScript (and Javascript)

felixrabe/d-macro 3

Why `dbg!(...)` when you can `d!(...)`

felixrabe/crudemeta 1

Crude meta programming language

felixrabe/e-2018-065-yarn-better-sqlite3-electron 1

Sample project using native modules for Electron and Node, rebuilding only as needed.

felixrabe/ash 0

Vulkan bindings for Rust

felixrabe/bin 0

Unix command line shortcuts

felixrabe/cbindgen 0

A project for generating C bindings from Rust code

felixrabe/ 0

Rust Language Cheat Sheet -

felixrabe/core-foundation-rs 0

Rust bindings to Core Foundation and other low level libraries on Mac OS X and iOS

felixrabe/crossbeam 0

Tools for concurrent programming in Rust


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