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Fredrik Björk fbjork @grafbase Stockholm, Sweden Founder & CEO at @grafbase.

fbjork/bugsnag-elixir 0

An Elixir interface to the Bugsnag API

fbjork/carrierwave 0

Classier solution for file uploads in Ruby for Rack, Rails, Merb and Sinatra

fbjork/elixir-companies 0

A list of companies currently using Elixir in production.

fbjork/faraday 0

Experiments in a rest api lib.

fbjork/httpoison 0

Yet Another HTTP client for Elixir powered by hackney

fbjork/mongoid 0

Ruby ODM framework for MongoDB

fbjork/nsq 0

realtime distributed message processing at scale

fbjork/phoenix 0

Productive. Reliable. Fast. Most web frameworks make you choose between speed and a productive environment. Phoenix gives you both.


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