A React Native wrapper around the Facebook SDKs for Android and iOS. Provides access to Facebook login, sharing, graph requests, app events etc.




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'React/RCTConvert.h' file not found hot 2
'FBSDKCoreKit / FBSDKCoreKit.h' file not found hot 2
'React/RCTComponentEvent.h' file not found hot 2
Property 'previewPhoto' not found on object of type 'FBSDKShareVideoContent *' hot 1
'React/RCTComponentEvent.h' file not found hot 1
Unable to share photo by MessageDialog hot 1
'React/RCTComponentEvent.h' file not found hot 1
'React/RCTComponentEvent.h' file not found RCTFBSDKLoginButtonManager.m hot 1
LoginManager.logInWithReadPermissions is not a function hot 1
Facebook comments plugin? hot 1
FBSDKPackage in class FBSDKPackage cannot be applied to given types; CallbackManager not found hot 1
TypeError: Cannot read property 'logEvent' of undefined hot 1
Failed to build on latest version of react native hot 1
null is not an object (evaluating LoginManager.logInWithReadPermissions) hot 1
FBSDKSwizzler.m crash on iOS hot 1

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