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Emmett McKinney ezmckinn Cambridge, MA City Planner | Mobility, Equity, Environment

ezmckinn/water_shutoffs_shiny_app 1

Shiny App for Cleveland Water Shutoffs

ezmckinn/advanced-shiny 0

Shiny tips & tricks for improving your apps and solving common problems

ezmckinn/blue_bikes 0

Visualizing bike share, bus, and subway ridership in Boston / Cambridge during pandemic.

ezmckinn/cambridge_bus_lanes 0

Measuring run time improvements from adding dedicated busways in Cambridge. | R

ezmckinn/decarbonizing_transportation 0

Interactive tool for combining Decarbonizing Transportation tools

ezmckinn/js_simple_apps 0

JavaScript Apps

ezmckinn/landparcels 0

ESRI toolbox, python code, and other resources used to create MA Land Parcel Database

ezmckinn/leaflet-ajax 0

plugin for leaflet for ajax

ezmckinn/leaflet_demo 0

test data for learning leaflet

ezmckinn/mbta_bus_ridership 0

Visualizing MBTA Bus Ridership patterns in Fall 2019