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Ann extend1994 @cdnjs WWW Open source advocate and learning lover! HTML5, SCSS, Node.js, PHP, Docker, Git... Still extending.

extend1994/ChatRoom 3

create a real time chat room with polymer and firebase

extend1994/P4-practices 3

Learn P4 language (Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors) by examples

extend1994/awesome-learning-resources 2

A awesome collection of Computer Science/Programming learning resources

extend1994/Configs 2

My configs/dotfiles

extend1994/cdnjs 1

Free and Open Source Public Web CDN for web developer!

esjaja/Softdev_FinalProject 0

A Calendar to rise an activity with your friends!

extend1994/30-days-challenges 0

Learn things in 30 days!

extend1994/angular-ui-router-title 0

AngularJS module for updating browser title/history based on the current ui-router state.

extend1994/better-dateinput-polyfill 0

input[type=date] polyfill for better-dom

extend1994/blog 0

Personal blog