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evuez/delilah 3

StatusPage notifications in Slack

evuez/chang-roberts 1

:snake: Small implementation of Chang and Roberts algorithm

evuez/deployment-notification 1

CleverCloud deployment notifications for Slack.

evuez/24pullrequests 0

:christmas_tree: Giving back little gifts of code for Christmas

evuez/absinthe_trace_reporter 0

Apollo Engine reporter that sends Absinthe traces built by to Apollo engine directly without having to use the (deprecated) engine proxy.

evuez/apollo-tracing-elixir 0

Apollo Tracing middleware for Absinthe

evuez/awesome 0

A curated list of awesome lists

evuez/awesome-elixir 0

A curated list of amazingly awesome Elixir and Erlang libraries, resources and shiny things. Updates:


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Update config

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Add types for longitude and latitude

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Update Latency vs Throughput

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