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AFLplusplus/LibAFL 542

Advanced Fuzzing Library - Slot your Fuzzer together in Rust! Scales across cores and machines. For Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux, no_std, ...

evanrichter/base16-binary-ninja 6

Base16 Color Template for Binja

shombo/DEFCON-Qualifiers-2019 6

The SCC Repository for DEFCON Qualifiers 2019

evanrichter/aoc_2018 2

various solutions to advent of code 2018 in rust

evanrichter/Annotator 0

Binary Ninja Function Annotator

evanrichter/base16 0

An architecture for building themes

evanrichter/base16-templates-source 0

A common list of templates for base16-builders

evanrichter/binja_arch_ref 0

A simple Binary Ninja plugin to display a cheat sheet with information about the current architecture


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issue commentcesena/ghidra2dwarf

Crashes on Ghidra 10.0.1

confirmed on my end, thank you very much!


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issue commentrust-lang/rust

Tracking Issue for `#[repr(align(...))]` on function items (fn_align)

Is it be possible to apply this to methods as well?


fn main() {

struct Bar;

impl Bar {
    fn foo() {
error[E0517]: attribute should be applied to a struct, enum, function, or union
  --> src/
11 |       #[repr(align(1))]
   |              ^^^^^^^^
12 | /     fn foo() {
13 | |         println!("bar");
14 | |     }
   | |_____- not a struct, enum, function, or union

For more information about this error, try `rustc --explain E0517`.
error: could not compile `asdf` due to previous error

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commit sha d476a21ba1c60741571e1deb871398b22315ad01

no box on linear sweep

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css change please don't hate me

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commit sha c31db09cc3d48000b4e69ddc4b6959aa920956e7

google 2021 weather

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issue openedcesena/ghidra2dwarf

Crashes on Ghidra 10.0.1

It takes the tool and project manager down too, no ghidra windows survive

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