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Eric Steinborn esteinborn @NYAG Guilderland, NY Web Developer and all around Unicorn.

esteinborn/bootstrap-sass-grunt 21

Grunt port of Bootstrap-Sass

esteinborn/easy-proxy 8

The proxy switcher for Windows you've always needed but didn't have the time to develop. This script installs a collection of proxy configuration files for 7 different programs: NPM, Git, SSH, Bower, CURL, WGET, and Ruby.

esteinborn/excelsior-presentation 3

Presentation of the Excelsior Web Framework

esteinborn/black-screen 1

A tiny site to put a black screen on 2/3 monitors to focus better.

esteinborn/call-to-action-buttons 1

I use these cta buttons that were originally from but they have removed the post. I grabbed the zip from teh internet wayback machine, and am publishing on GitHub so that I have easy access to them. Hoping to put this into SASS

esteinborn/2013-03-RWD-code-sprint 0

This was a multi-use repo for the RWD code sprint (3/18/2013-4/5/2013) and is now depricated. Features and functionality have been migrated out to the "go-responsive" and "excelsior-web-framework" repos.

esteinborn/AATT 0

Automated Accessibility Testing Tool

esteinborn/angular-wizard 0

Easy to use Wizard library for AngularJS

esteinborn/API-All-the-X 0

Resources and Materials for the /Developer Program

esteinborn/awesome-falsehood 0

:pill: Curated list of falsehoods programmers believe in.

issue openedlando/lando

Proxy name is ridiculously long

Please complete the following steps.

The more steps you complete the more likely we are to address your issue!

  1. Update to the latest version of Lando and make sure the issue isn't fixed already. (done)
  2. Please review the current list of issues to make sure you are not submitting a duplicate. (couldn't find any requests like this, strangely enough)

Please explain your request and its importance in the form of a user story. As a Lando user who works with Drupal sites but also many multiple Docker containers with no linkage to Lando, I want a clean listing when I see the results of my docker ps -a command. Instead I see a monstrously long named proxy which throws off all the other columns in my display table.

Please provide some detail on how lando can help solve this problem I'm requesting that you please rename the Lando proxy container to something much shorter to avoid cluttering up the display list.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. It always shocks me to see how dang long the proxy container name is. I get the joke, It's funny, I lolled (thats the bit right?), but now its real dev time, and I'd like to get back to work.

Describe the solution you'd like Shorten the Lando proxy container name

Describe alternatives you've considered I could rename it myself, but then I'd probably blow something up, I have enough problems putting together local dev environments, I don't want to start renaming things on my own!

Additional context none

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created repositoryesteinborn/TargetGame

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fork esteinborn/dnd5e-quickref

Quick reference sheet for D&D 5e

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issue commentratwithacompiler/OBS-captions-plugin

Google Speech-To-Text API

Hi, Upgraded to OBS 27 this morning saw that there was also an update to this plugin. After updating it, my API field was removed. I then remembered this thread, and added the DLL back in. Everything works fine, but I wanted to query about whether we can get this as a packaged version for v27 with the API field intact?

Great plugin btw!


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