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Eric Rochester erochest Scholars' Lab Charlottesville, VA

erochest/bash-it-custom 4

My collection of custom bash_it files.

erochest/AtomLED 3

Haskell Atom code for Arduino

erochest/ADIMO 1

Architectural Database of Iberian Military Orders

erochest/bakers12 1

Originally, this was a boot-camp style series of thirteen one-day coding projects. The aim was to experiment with NLP in Haskell. Now it's taken on a life of its own.

erochest/bash-it 1

A community bash framework.

csbailey5t/neatline_susy 0

Redesign of site with Susy for layout


push eventerochest/name-game

Eric Rochester

commit sha 72df08ba63dd3df582a4c80dbb7fb35ea0043c8a

updated to use netlify link

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push eventerochest/rust-cli-template

Eric Rochester

commit sha 9bd7b1b1daaf4848026cdad5dbd1d837ea0e352c

Update Cargo.toml Fixed problem loading `human_panic` in `Cargo.toml`

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