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Emmanuel John emmanuj Reify Health

emmanuj/dials_shortest_path 2

An implementation of Dial's shortest path algorithm

emmanuj/arome 1

A brute force implementation of the basic 1-NNR (Nearest neighbor) algorithm in ocaml. The implementation is very unsophisticated and the uses the Euclidean distance measure.

emmanuj/crazy_mail 1

A simple email client in Java

emmanuj/.emacs.d 0

My emacs config

emmanuj/2048 0

A small clone of 1024 (

emmanuj/akita 0

🚀 Simple and Effective State Management for Angular Applications

emmanuj/android-aspectj 0

Automatically exported from

emmanuj/angular-realworld-example-app 0

Exemplary real world application built with Angular 5+

emmanuj/angular2-grails3-bootstrap 0

Single-build angular2 grails3 project

emmanuj/ant-design 0

:ant: One design language


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