elubow/cql-vim 36

Cassandra CQL Syntax Highlighter for Vim

elubow/ec2-consistent-snapshot 26

EC2 Consistent Snapshot with Mongo Support

elubow/aws_csshx 10

AWS Wrapper for csshX

elubow/colortail 7

Tail logs and highlight different lines based on regexes for files

elubow/dspam-spamassassin 7

dspam-spamassassin Plugin

devdazed/practical-cassandra 2

Sample Code from the Practical Cassandra Book

elubow/bjjdb 2

Organization of the publicly posted BJJ videos on the internet

elubow/jruby-bot 2

IRC bot for #jruby on

elubow/cassandra 1

A Docker Cassandra container