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elizagamedev/blender-flver 7

Blender plugin for importing Fromsoft FLVER files from games such as Dark Souls

bincrafters/conan-sdl2_ttf 2

[OBSOLETE] The recipe is now in

bincrafters/conan-physfs 1

Conan package for physfs

bincrafters/conan-sigcpp 1

[OBSOLETE] The recipe is now in

elizagamedev/conan-game-networking-sockets 1

Conan package for Valve's GameNetworkingSockets

elizagamedev/dreamvsdream-old 1

Old, crufty, and abandoned Dream vs. Dream code

bincrafters/conan-ruby_installer 0

[OBSOLETE] The recipe is now in

elizagamedev/ace-popup-menu 0

Replace GUI popup menu in Emacs with something more efficient

elizagamedev/Air-for-Steam 0

Embracing Google's Material Design language, Air is a skin for Steam that has been designed to be bold without compromise—showcasing consistent beauty through minimal design.

pull request commentelizagamedev/unity.el

If on MacOS use as the binary name

Thanks for the contribution! Would you mind revising to use (cond) instead of the if else chain here?


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