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Yahya Elharony elharony @OpenClassrooms Cairo, Egypt Frontend Lead @webkeyz 🇪🇬 | Web Development Mentor @OpenClassrooms 🇫🇷 | Indie Hacker - Currently using BitBucket

elharony/google-mobile-web-specialist-certification-guide 199

If you are looking for becoming a Mobile Web Specialist by Google, this guide will be your best friend in your journey

elharony/Border-Radius-Generator 19

A CSS3 Border Radius Generator; Get the best border-radius playground, with a minimalist design!

elharony/Google-Fonts-Previewer 10

Preview & Test Google Fonts with your own text!

elharony/awesomeApp-Web 3

A Web Application helps Udacity Nanodegree Students to find a classmates who are working on the same projects

elharony/Courses-Notes 3

It's hard to remember everything. That's why I started to write readable, and organized Courses Notes!

elharony/Get-Unsplash-Images 3

A Practical Application on using JavaScript XHR, it retrieves images from Unsplash API based on the given Search Query

elharony/Book-Library 2

A React Web App allows you to Add/Modify/Remove your current reading books

elharony/Front-End-Development-Workshop--Minders 2

Kickstart your career as a Front End Developer in ONE month!

elharony/Hajj-Hackathon--Afwaj 2

A crowd management service for Hajj companies to prevent pilgrims from getting lost

elharony/Nearby-Restaurants 2

React-Based Web Application to find nearby Restaurants using Google Places API