zulip/zulip 12804

Zulip server and webapp - powerful open source team chat

zulip/fakeldap 13

A fake ldap implementation to be used in unittests.

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Zulip's Zapier integration

eeshangarg/CS3716Scheduler 0

CS3716 Group Project - Scheduling System

eeshangarg/fakeldap 0

A fake ldap implementation to be used in unittests.

eeshangarg/nukefilewalker 0

A simple file indexer

eeshangarg/oh-mainline 0

The code that runs

eeshangarg/python-zulip 0

A repository for Zulip's API bindings

PR opened zulip/fakeldap Don't rely on KeyError exceptions when accessing non-exi…

…stent keys of

The implementation of the internal dictionary is defined via . = defaultdict(lambda: {}) . This results in a dictionary that always returns an empty dict for any key requested: . >>> print (['some_key']) {} . Thus, we cannot rely on the raisal of KeyError exceptions when accessing a non-existing LDAP DNs in the . Instead, we check if['some_key'] returns an empty dict {} value.

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