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Evgeni Dzhelyov edzhelyov Sofia, Bulgaria

rubocop/rubocop 11481

A Ruby static code analyzer and formatter, based on the community Ruby style guide.

edzhelyov/goos 7

My step by step implementation of the code example in "Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests".

edzhelyov/fakey 2

Foreign keys plugin for Rails, in a better way

edzhelyov/guides 2

An effort to provide awesome documentation for the RubyGems ecosystem.

edzhelyov/product_manager 2

Create and manage different product schema and their instances.

edzhelyov/opentelemetry-ruby 1

OpenTelemetry Ruby API & SDK, and related gems

edzhelyov/rails-style-guide 1

A community-driven Rails 3 style guide

edzhelyov/s9-e1 1

Integration Exercise: Java Library Wrapper

edzhelyov/s9-e3 1

Web interface for electronic circuit creation

dobrinov/interviewing 0

A set of interview questions which I use during interviews