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The Patterns of Scalable, Reliable, and Performant Large-Scale Systems

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Bulletproofs are short non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs that require no trusted setup

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Game of Life in Clojure

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The templates of the emrah-buster installer.

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FairCoin Core working tree

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A peer-to-peer audio publishing and streaming application. Think SoundCloud or Spotify, but entirely decentralized and free.

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encrypt and decrypt files in your browser. Fast, Secure client-side File Encryption and Decryption using the web crypto api

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Jitsi Monitoring Thru JVB and Jicofo Statistics

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A browser and wallet for LBRY, the decentralized, user-controlled content marketplace.

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LBRY WordPress plugin

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Appreciations for the amazing work and a document request

Hi Emrah,

Thanks for the reply. I typed that late at night and had brain fog after being at a computer for too long. I had never worked with containers before so I am learning. and figured out. I mistyped jicobi, and meant to type Jibri. I had to start the eb-jibri-template before I could attach to it..

I am trying to connect Jibri , to the live streaming server to push to fb and others ect....

How do I correctly modify:


To send the stream to FB, I imagine I input the stream key somewhere in this line:

DST=$(echo $DST | sed 's~rtmps://')

I also am wondering if I am correct that, to connect to the eb-livestream instance, I would input here?

ARGS=$(echo $ARGS | sed "s~rtmp://nameof.server/*~~")

Are there any other steps I am missing?

I've gained some insights going through the install process a few times. May I do some work on the documentation and submit a pull request?

Thanks for the beautiful code. I was struggling trying to get it to work otherwise.

Take Care,



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deployment script for nginx, rtmp, lua, ssl ; onto ubuntu 16.04

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Bash installer for Jitsi Meet along with Jibri on *buntu LTS based systems | Documentation Available at the Wiki

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Jitsi Monitoring Thru JVB and Jicofo Statistics

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issue openedemrahcom/emrah-buster-templates

Appreciations for the amazing work and a document request

Hi, My name is Jeff, and I want to thank you for sharing this work. It is really important in these times to be able to communicate :) I am working on a small project to help my friend place his music live on the various sites. I am wondering if you would be willing to add a walkthrough for the process of connecting the eb-jicobi with the eb-livestream. I imagine it's pretty simple I am just having trouble figuring out where to look.

I'd be happy to help update the docs if that would be of service... I noticed a couple of things that would be helpful to include!

Your website is really neat. That is so amazing what you can do with the robots.

Take Care and I hope you and your family are well!


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The templates of the emrah-buster installer.

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