Zmicier Zaleznicenka dzzh Uber Amsterdam, The Netherlands iOS Engineer at Uber

dzzh/google-alerts-to-slack 8

A proxy server to prettify Google Alerts RSS feeds for displaying them in Slack RSS app.

dzzh/in4150 5

Labwork for IN4150 Distributed Algorithms course at TU Delft

dzzh/elfstatsd 4

Linux daemon to aggregate data from web server logs in ELF format for Munin

dzzh/IN4325-Information-Retrieval 4

Labwork for IN4325 TU Delft course

dzzh/elfstats-munin 3

A set of Munin plugins to display aggregated statistics from web servers' access logs in ELF format (apache, tomcat, nginx, etc.)

dzzh/elfstats 2

An umbrella repository for elfstats project development

dzzh/opentsdb2csv 2

A simple Python wrapper over tsdb query to merge several counters from OpenTSDB format into a single CSV file.

dzzh/parkerly 2

A sample iOS application for mobile parking implemented as a part of a job application process

dzzh/python-fp-growth 2

An implementation of the FP-growth algorithm in pure Python.