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Dylan Maryk dylanmaryk @onfido Berlin, Germany Londoner in Berlin. Senior iOS engineer @onfido. Previously @door2door-io.

dylanmaryk/DottedPolyline 15

Example of how to draw a dotted polyline on Google Maps

dylanmaryk/InsanityRadio-iOS 5

An iOS app for streaming Insanity Radio 103.2FM.

dylanmaryk/GitHubStatus 4

Mac menu bar app to keep an eye on the status of GitHub

dylanmaryk/HowHipsterIsBerlin 3

Berlin's postcode areas highlighted based on the approximate number of "hipster-y places".

dylanmaryk/InsanityRadio-Android 2

An Android app for streaming Insanity Radio 103.2FM.

2D/STARThack 1

Augmented Reality Project → Leica challenge @START_Hack

dylanmaryk/AmIInBerlin 1

An annoyingly crude and simple API to determine whether or not you're in Berlin based on your coordinates

dylanmaryk/Cost-Time-Analysis 1

Cost/time analysis of bus vs Tube journeys.

dylanmaryk/GlobeISS 1

Apple Watch app showing the position of the ISS above Earth with SceneKit


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