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Dmytro Vorobiov dvor TomTom Haarlem, Netherlands

dvor/DVFloatingWindow 48

The missing debug tool for iOS

dvor/SwiftyKanboard 12

Kanboard app for macOS and iOS.

dvor/DVFloatingLumberjack 5

DVFloatingWindow->CocoaLumberjack bridge

dvor/alfred-kaomoji 4

Alfred workflow for looking up emoji and kaomoji

dvor/run-swift 4

Description will be here one day

dvor/Clearry 2

Small iOS app for clearing clipboard.

dvor/TextWiki 1

Wiki for iOS inspired by Vimwiki

dvor/BBUncrustifyPlugin-Xcode 0

Xcode plugin to format source code using ClangFormat or Uncrustify

dvor/c-toxcore 0

The future of online communications.

fork dvor/software-delivery-assessment

The Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment is a simple, easy-to-execute approach to assessing software delivery across many different teams within an organisation.

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