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Dustin Smith dustinsmith1024 Kansas City, MO

doug-martin/super-request 32

super-request is a supertest inspired HTTP assertion tester.

doug-martin/it 12

lightweight unit testing framwork for node

dustinsmith1024/angular-sample 1

sample ways to use angular with a real DB

dustinsmith1024/coachio 1

coaching and team tracking app

dustinsmith1024/comb-redis 1

A small, promise-based Redis client for node.js

dustinsmith1024/dbook 1

my playbook app

dustinsmith1024/ 1

playing with pages for a personal site

dustinsmith1024/axlsx 0

xlsx generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable styles and full schema validation. Axlsx excels at helping you generate beautiful Office Open XML Spreadsheet documents without having to understand the entire ECMA specification. Check out the README for some examples of how easy it is. Best of all, you can validate your xlsx file before serialization so you know for sure that anything generated is going to load on your client's machine.

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Update dependency version

Can we help push this through? Dependabot is alerting and I'd prefer not to patch the lock file.


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Idiomatic database toolkit

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Ian Kottman

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Dont error when checking if a table exists (#174) Update test

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Dont log error when checking if a table exists size/M

Currently the tableExists method logs an error if the table does not exist. This is common when first running migrations, or when only using timestamp prefixed migrations, since the TimestampMigrator also checks for the schema_info table which is used for integer migrations. For example:

Error: QueryError : relation "schema_info" does not exist: SELECT * FROM "schema_info" LIMIT 1

This error log is misleading, because it does not stop execution and it is acceptable for the table to be missing.

To fix this I check the list of all tables instead of attempting to query the table.

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