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brylok/Chefman 0

An environment built by Chef for working with Middleman 4

dullyouth/ansible-go 0

Ansible role that installs Go ( The latest stable release that has been compiled for x86 64-bit Linux systems is installed by default, and different platforms and versions are supported by modifying the role variables.

dullyouth/chef-ebs 0

Scalarium's EBS cookbook with added magic

dullyouth/chef-memsql 0


dullyouth/chef-provisioning-docker 0

Docker provisioner for chef-provisioning

dullyouth/chef-rvm 0

Chef cookbook for RVM. Recipes for installing system wide and by user. LWRPs to manage Rubies, gems, gemsets, wrappers.

dullyouth/circleci-docs 0

Documentation for CircleCI.

dullyouth/cookbook-rancher 0

Chef Cookbook for installing Rancher from Rancher Labs

dullyouth/docker-monit 0

Daemon that helps you monitor docker containers with tools like monit by maintaining PID files for the containers. I use this for and it's not very polished yet but maybe some people will find it useful.

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pins the docker-ce-cli version to prevent api mismatch error

Incorrect. This specific issue was on 18.09.9, which is defined in your nomad user data documentation as the version of docker to install.


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pins the docker-ce-cli version to prevent api mismatch error


A brief description of the changes. Pins the docker-ce-cli version to prevent api mismatch errors


A link to a GitHub and/or JIRA issue (if applicable). Otherwise, a brief sentence about why you made these changes. Without pinning the CLI version, the default install uses too new a version of the CLI. This pins the version to prevent an error

Error response from daemon: client version 1.40 is too new. Maximum supported API version is 1.39```

dpkg -l |grep docker

ii docker-ce 5:18.09.9~3-0~ubuntu-xenial amd64 Docker: the open-source application container engine ii docker-ce-cli 5:19.03.9~3-0~ubuntu-xenial amd64 Docker CLI: the open-source application container engine

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commit sha 1b354cd66cea9697c331fa82ba61418d24b5d486

pins the docker-ce-cli version to prevent api mismatch error

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fork dullyouth/realitycheck

A sample app that reality-checks some basic CircleCI features

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Pro Version - How to change HTTP Host in Middleware based on incoming host

I believe you can use the rewrite-header function to rewrite them on the fly for what you're trying to accomplish, without the need for middleware.

-http-rewrite-header value
Rewrite the request header based on a mapping:
gor --input-raw :8080 --output-http --http-rewrite-header Host: (.*),$```

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