David Sheets dsheets Cambridge, UK drinks from sources.

ashima/webgl-noise 2225

Procedural Noise Shader Routines compatible with WebGL

ashima/pdf-table-extract 259

Extract tables from PDF pages.

ahrefs/atd 205

Static types for JSON APIs

ashima/gloc 24

Shader Toolchain targeting WebGL/ESSL 1.0

ashima/webgl-demos 22

A Variety of Open Source WebGL Demonstrations from the Ashima Group

ashima/webgl-engine 17

Ashima's Layered WebGL API wrapper and helper functions

ashima/webgl-diagnostic 14

WebGL System Capability Profiles, Diagnostic Reports, and Onboarding

ashima/embedded-STM32F-lib 13

Core library for STM32F - see the Wiki (above, right)

ashima/demo-lib 7

Ashima's library of tools for producing demos

ashima/ocaml-semver 7

Semantic Versioning module for OCaml