Jeramia Ory drlabratory Saint Louis College of Pharmacy Saint Louis, MO, USA Long time unix duffer and bioinformatician who dreams of data science.

karthik/mozfest-data-lessons 5

Repo for the data carpentry session at Mozfest

ivanov/ipython-trainingwheels 4

A beginner student friendly profile for IPython notebook

drlabratory/class-data-scripts 1

scripts for working with Medicaid data

dhavide/2014-12-09-mpac 0

Software Carpentry bootcamp at MPAC

drlabratory/2019-05-22-genentech 0

Data Carpentry at Genentech 2019-05-22 to 2019-05-23

drlabratory/ 0

The Carpentries Website

drlabratory/ 0

Open Notebook site

drlabratory/notebooks 0

IPython notebooks