dreynolds/ConcurrentLogHandler 2

Lowell Alleman's ConcurrentLogHandler with a couple of fixes

dreynolds/nose-notification-centre 2

A plugin to raise a useful notification message in the OS X Notification Center when a nose test run is complete

dreynolds/MouseBattery 1

Simple Menubar app to print current mouse battery percentage.

dreynolds/campug-dojo 0

Git version of files from campug dojo

dreynolds/CredentialsManager 0

Simple python credentials manager which uses home directory files and the keyring module

dreynolds/eod 0

A silly little tool to calculate the minutes until 5:30pm

dreynolds/ 0

Native Objective C version of a Geek Time menu status app for OS X.

dreynolds/LunchTime 0

Small laziness-encouraging plugin

PR opened jvlomax/beaker_slack

Add 'whatis' as a call command
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David Reynolds

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Add 'whatis' as a call command

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issue openedjmons/ramlwrap

`ramlwrap` should include default templates for RamlDoc

Currently they are some in the test app, can they not just be added to ramlwrap itself? They can easily be overridden by users if they prefer.

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issue openedjmons/ramlwrap

RamlDoc(raml_file='') should accept relative paths

I tried to do


and it didn't work.

ramlwrap should be able to resolve this itself

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