drewsberry/jekyll-katex-block 17

A Jekyll plugin for Liquid blocks to utilise KaTeX

drewsberry/google-translate 12

Python script to use Google Translate to translate phrases.

bedhead/KPI 2

KSP Mod. Exposes RESTish API to interface with the game. Serves local web interface from game.

drewsberry/maze.js 2

Maze game in JavaScript using HTML5 canvas

drewsberry/AppleWirelessKeyboard 1

Based on the original AppleWirelessKeyboard helper utility (, this includes some small changes that allow it to be better used with an Apple wired keyboard.

drewsberry/cpp-practice 1

Practice programs to stop my C++ getting rusty

drewsberry/diffcp 1

Python script to copy files from one folder into an output folder, only if they don't exist in another folder.

drewsberry/gpsextract 1

A small Python program to extract the GPS metadata from a series of photos and write it to a csv file

drewsberry/bootswatch 0

Themes for Bootstrap

drewsberry/curriculum-vitae 0

My Curriculum Vitae