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SmartEngines/SmartIDReader-iOS-SDK 28

Smart IDReader document recognition SDK for iOS by Smart Engines

dreamzor/icmv-tex-template 11

TeX template for ICMV conference (SPIE-like)

open-data-science/Introspect_hackathon 10

Код и данные с ODS Introspect Hackathon'а который проходил в кафе "Райский Пирожок", 19-21 Мая 2017.

dreamzor/xsde-cmake 5

CMakeLists.txt for building CodeSynthesis XSD/e

dreamzor/alphaTab 0

alphaTab is a cross platform music notation and guitar tablature rendering library.

dreamzor/cmake-nuances 0 - post about CMake compiler definitions rookie mistakes

dreamzor/Russian-Phd-LaTeX-Dissertation-Template 0

LaTeX-template for russian Phd thesis