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Daniel Pritchett ⚡ dpritchett Gulf Breeze, FL Author: Build Chatbot Interactions. Mentor @VetsWhoCode. Emeritus @MemphisRuby and @memtech.

dpritchett/aws-budget-limiter 82

Simple Terraform script for capping monthly AWS spend

dpritchett/chatbox 8

node.js / Socket.IO / jQuery / CouchDB chatbox with MUD aspirations

CoVital-Project/pulse-ox-data-collection-web-service 3

HTTPS API for receiving pulse oximetry from mobile clients

dpritchett/chatbot-up-and-running 2

Get your Lita chatbot up and running on Digital Ocean with these bootstrap scripts

dpritchett/charade 1

Ssh-agent clone for cygwin that proxies to pageant

dpritchett/coffee-script 1

Unfancy JavaScript

dpritchett/criminal_justice_alias_finder_thesis 1

WAMP project in support of my 2005 thesis on filtering through aliases in a criminal justice records system

push eventdpritchett/jokes

Daniel Pritchett

commit sha 224ce4c209abb12e9af60eee3e607906b7effcde

Short-circuit the 'no-masters' stanza in open-branch for now

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Daniel Pritchett

commit sha 498cb0e2037d3b9f63dee792f70b896ec6dbf173

git fetch all

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push eventdpritchett/persuasive-engineering

Daniel Pritchett

commit sha d013a82fa764555b078ce9f08104e705ae989d89

toc maker is working

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push eventdpritchett/persuasive-engineering

Daniel Pritchett

commit sha 8dc4b1cd2a003e01cee019470b3ec084a1015a8d

Adds makefile and toc generator

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