donly/BLEChecker 15

BLE Checker source code, Google Play link is

arduinod/eeprom8266 0

eeprom usage on Arduino WeMos d1

arduinod/IRsendDemo8266 0

IRsendDemo running on D1 Arduino 8266ex

cnlvzi/360nib 0


cnlvzi/myprojectlist 0

my first project

donly/ABContactHelper 0

Objective-C Address Book wrapper

donly/adb-ios 0

Android ADB on iOS

donly/Adb-Remote-Screen 0

Tool to control your android phone from your pc through ADB

donly/AddressBookVcardImport 0

Small iPhone app that imports a vcard into the iOS address book (for testing)

issue commentretrofw/

Wake from sleep issue w RG300 IPS screen

In Gmenu2x this setting could be found in: Settings -> CPU Settings -> Minimum CPU clock. The default setting was 342. This setting is only used in standby mode as i've verified in ssh session. Max CPU defines the maximum clock which could be set for an application and default clock defines clock speed in Gmenu2x without anything running. The clock speed in every app/emulator settings is set before emulator is started.

As i got my RG300 IPS i've directly messed around with settings. I wondered why device begun starts to hang after standby. It's just a idea what it could be. Maybe there is another bug but i've not run into other issues with similar impacts. As i've written before i'm on RetroFW 2.0, and it has (maybe) nothing to do with the standby issues on 2.2.


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issue openedshengxinjing/programmer-job-blacklist


反正这公司领导层是拿人不当人的。。亲身经历啊。住的有点远,他几乎强制要求你搬家,不搬家就想让你走人。。工资也低。 总经理超级会画饼,对新来的员工做的第一件事就是画饼。。。 加班严重,而且没有加班工资、调休。什么都没有。就是免费加班。。。 我见过的啊。。一个同事头一天晚上加班到十一点多,然后早上来晚一个小时(正常九点上班)。然后总经理看到了。就叼了一顿,说什么,我都到了,你还没到。你比我还牛逼啊。。。 公司人有200多人的样子。。。 奉劝各位找工作的,如果面到这家公司想去的话,提前把一切问题都先谈妥。。。 公司位置在【深圳南山花园城数码大厦A座7楼】

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push eventLiaoworking/Advanced-Swift


commit sha 6203d4ba6e87f501ae424f14f0a46925071566c5


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issue openedobjcio/thinking-in-swiftui-sample-code

Chapter 5 solution for selectable table with .matchedGeometryEffect


“Just as the tab bar example earlier in this chapter, the animating selection rectangle can be implemented “by hand” or using SwiftUI’s new matched geometry effect. It’s worthwhile to try implenting it both ways!”

Excerpt From: Chris Eidhof. “Thinking in SwiftUI”. Apple Books.

As am struggling with the second way, I was looking into the Exercises/Chapter 05/Selectable Tables/Selectable Tables/ContentView.swift in hope to find a version which uses the .matchedGeometryEffect. Does it work for you for the cell selection and can you share the solution please?

By the way, implenting is your typo. 🙂

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issue commentretrofw/

Wake from sleep issue w RG300 IPS screen

On RetroFW 2.0 sleep / resume on RG300 IPS works for me without any issues if Min-CPU in Settings is at least set to 230MHZ.

But how do you set the minimum cpu usage in settings? If I remember well there was a setting in pymenu, but for retrofw in general or Gmenu2x? Thanks

I can't find that setting either. Do they refer to the clock speed option on each app/emulator/game link?


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fork steward-fu/libdrm-rockchip

Userspace Library for DRM RGA device(!!!!!!!!!!!deprecated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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fork BiuBju/encrypted-dns

Configuration profiles for DNS HTTPS and DNS over TLS

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fork BiuBju/GPUImage3

GPUImage 3 is a BSD-licensed Swift framework for GPU-accelerated video and image processing using Metal.

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fork steward-fu/lcd3x

LCD3x is an image filter that simulates the aspect of an LCD screen while at the same time increasing the size of the source image.

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PR opened TakeScoop/SwiftyRSA

updating deployment target to iOS9.0
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PR opened TakeScoop/SwiftyRSA

Updating deployment target to iOS9.0
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issue openedshengxinjing/programmer-job-blacklist

凯捷咨询Capgemini 上海

上海日月光的凯捷咨询,名义咨询公司,其实就是外包公司,给上海的很多企业做外包,凯捷咨询本身就是外包公司,但是它神奇的在昆山又搞了个外包公司,代称JTP, 实际就是凯捷的外包,外包公司的外包,真会玩啊,实际这样做就是人便宜,这种公司都是按人天算钱的,一个人天多少钱,公司拿走大部分,项目大不大,客户有没有钱,跟你没什么关系,说它垃圾是因为,第一,内推奖金说好的被推荐人满试用期6个月就能拿,但实际事后会以各种政策卡你,或者说你推荐的人已经在公司人才库中,不算推荐,第二,里面的Manager 业务什么都不懂,只会去讨好客户,过渡承诺,签好合同就行,第三,培训体系差,内部培训都是一些老旧的技术,市面上根本用不到,第四,福利待遇差,节日没有任何福利,所谓的节日福利,全看项目上的Manager,有没有预算,这个分具体的人。第五,如果能一直在项目上,还好说,一旦没有了项目,公司就会以各种理由逼你辞职,没有任何补偿,所以这个公司的人员流动率非常高

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Florian Kugler

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Matched geometry edits

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issue openedTakeScoop/SwiftyRSA

Debug模式下正常解密,Release模式下解密数据 为/0/0/0/0/0/0/0


Thanks for opening an issue!

If you're reporting an error thrown by SwiftyRSA, please include the following details:

  • Version of SwiftyRSA in Podfile/Cartfile
  • Exact code that you're using to create the key / message / signature
  • The full description of the error (error.localizedDescription)
  • Contents of the key / message / signature:
    • If content is already a base 64 string, share this
    • If content is a PEM file, share the file content
    • If content is a DER file, run base64 -i PATH_TO_FILE and share the output

Important: Do not share the contents of your private keys, unless they're non-sensitive.

Note: This is an HTML comment, you can remove it altogether and/or write outside of it. -->

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