Dario Nascimento dnascimento @CommBank Sydney Lead DevOps @ Commonwealth Bank. Ex-Veniam, Ex-Cisco

dnascimento/AISSProject 2

Security Email System using AES and Portuguese Citizen Card

dnascimento/beamerLisbonTheme 1

Theme for Latex Beamer (presentations)

dnascimento/citizen-card-reader 1

Go lang PKCS#11 API for Citizen ID Smartcards such in Portugal and Estonia

dnascimento/1609dot2-asn 0

ASN.1 schemas for IEEE 1609.2

dnascimento/amazon-eks-refarch-cloudformation 0

Reference architecture of Amazon EKS with modern cloudformation templates.

dnascimento/ansible-elasticsearch 0

Ansible playbook for Elasticsearch

dnascimento/AppEvaluation 0

Distributed HTTP Client to perform massive web site evaluations using REST

dnascimento/argo-cd 0

Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes.

dnascimento/askJava 0

Stackoverflow open-source implementation in Java for cloud with NoSQL Backend

dnascimento/askScalePython 0

Stackoverflow open-source implementation for cloud with NoSQL Backend


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issue commentyouyo/aws-cdk-github-actions

Publish images to Docker Hub

@youyo could this be implemented? It would reduce the CI/CD pipeline time significantly


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