David Rodrigues dmcrodrigues @argentlabs Portugal

argentlabs/web3.swift 118

Ethereum Swift API with support for smart contracts, ENS & ERC20

dmcrodrigues/macro-logger 58

A simplified logging system using macros.

dmcrodrigues/Oceanic-Next-Xcode-Theme 53

A colorful and vibrant Xcode theme, ported from the excellent Oceanic Next Theme.

dmcrodrigues/FFmpeg-iOS-build-script 35

Compile FFmpeg to use on iOS development

dmcrodrigues/DRAsyncOperations 20

Implementation of a concurrent NSOperation to abstract and help the creation of asynchronous operations.

dmcrodrigues/DREasyGradient 7

Simple API to create gradients on iOS.

dmcrodrigues/hal9000 5

Stop typing and remember all your commands, start typing human readable actions.

dmcrodrigues/DRStopwatch 2

Measuring time must be simple. Available for C, C++ and Objective-C.

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João Pereira

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Check for "Too Many Results" error

Notify upstream if the query fails with too many results.

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