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divyesh2506/medkart 1

An android app for a medical store

divyesh2506/avro4s 0

Avro schema generation and serialization / deserialization for Scala

divyesh2506/chatwoot 0

Open-source live chat software 🔥💬

divyesh2506/community 0

This repository holds the content submitted to Files added to the tutorials/ will appear at

divyesh2506/divyesh2506 0

Config files for my GitHub profile.

divyesh2506/hoppscotch 0

👽 A free, fast and beautiful API request builder used by 80k+ developers.

divyesh2506/landoop-avro4s-ui 0

User interface for avro4s

divyesh2506/mf_nav_python 0

Getting Daily Fund NAVs

fork divyesh2506/sidekiq

Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby

fork in 2 months