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Aldira Putra Raharja dirathea Bandung, Indonesia Software Engineer experienced in cloud infrastructure platform. Well-versed in automation and testing. Kubernetes, Docker, Selenium Web Driver, Go, NodeJS

dirathea/kubectl-unused-volumes 21

List all unused volumes on your cluster

dirathea/azkaban-docker 7

Azkaban dockerized

dirathea/pipelinewise-operator 6

Pipelinewise Operator for Kubernetes

dirathea/UrbanQuizBot 4

A chatbot for guessing the word from the definitions

dirathea/krew-index 1

Plugin index for This repo is for plugin maintainers.

dirathea/ytschatbot 1

A chatbot for yts

dirathea/argo 0

ArgoProj: Get stuff done with Kubernetes.

dirathea/azkaban-helm-chart 0

Helm chart for azkaban

dirathea/Boostnote 0

A markdown editor for developers on Mac, Windows and Linux.

dirathea/capture-website 0

Capture screenshots of websites


started time in 2 months