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dipthegeezer/erlsqlmigrate 6

Erlang implementation of a SQL migration application

dipthegeezer/ets_manager 5

Separate management of ets tables from processes to prevent lost data.

dipthegeezer/erldslabb 3

dslabb in erlang with backbone.js

dipthegeezer/mimer 2

Erlang project to try and figure out the mimetype of a file

dipthegeezer/Perl-Yasnippet 2

Perl snippets for Yasnippet with some moose stuff

dipthegeezer/guptchar 1

First android project

dipthegeezer/nodethejquery 1

My port of jquery on node

dipthegeezer/amazon-ecs-plugin 0

Amazon EC2 Container Service Plugin for Jenkins

dipthegeezer/chef-incron 0

Chef cookbook for incron