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dimart/HackaTUMFinal 3

HackaTUMFinal Azure Bot Service Code

ArtemiiFrolov/Hackatum2019 0

JetBrains IDE comments reader

dimart/2048-NN 0

A Deep Learning AI for 2048 (2048:94.15%, 4096:78.48%, 8192: 34.5% 16384: 0.177%)

dimart/android 0

Android applications written by me mostly for educational purposes.

dimart/app 0

Automatic Photo Pop-Up

dimart/awesome-tic-tac-toe 0

👾The best Tic-Tac-Toe ever! 👾

dimart/code2vec 0

TensorFlow code for the neural network presented in the paper: "code2vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Code"

dimart/CodeMirror-XQuery 0

XQuery Editor based on CodeMirror

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Dmitrii Petukhov

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