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diimdeep/awesome-split-keyboards 2675

A collection of ergonomic split keyboards ⌨

diimdeep/1P2KeePass 43

🔐 1Password (1pif) to 🔐 KeePass 2.x plugin 🔌

diimdeep/afsctool 37

AFSC (Apple File System Compression) tool

diimdeep/DS201_PRO 8

firmware for DS201 PRO oscilloscope from

diimdeep/Rack 3

Open-source virtual modular synthesizer

diimdeep/sublime-text-macdown-app-menu 3

A simple Sublime Text package to open files with from your 'tools' menu or command pallete

diimdeep/ESP8266-Age-Clock 2

Real-time counter showing your age.

diimdeep/OSXey 2

A script for OS X to display system info

diimdeep/studyblue-export 2

Export StudyBlue's guide in markdown with images


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Type to Siri from CLI, Alfred, and AppleScript

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Fail to import the full backup

Confirming this bug. Lineageos 16


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