Devon H. O'Dell dhobsd Google United States Debugger and concurrency nut; systems engineer at Google. Usually confused about something.

dhobsd/asciitosvg 353

DANGER, WILL ROBINSON: THIS REPOSITORY IS IN MAINTENANCE MODE! I will not be continuing feature development or fixing bugs in this codebase. I will continue to review and accept pull requests that do this. Please click the following link to view the actively developed ASCIIToSVG codebase, which is written in Go.

katef/libfsm 145

DFA regular expression library & friends

dhobsd/castty 61

A CLI tool to record audio-enabled screencasts of your terminal, for the web.

dhobsd/sbst 10

Benchmark various data structures / algorithms for string searching.

dhobsd/vstring 4

A simple string building API for C.

dhobsd/lacquer 3

Making network servers shinier

varialus/godfly 2

Golang on DragonFly BSD

dhobsd/bcd 0

Simple out-of-process invoker