dexion/breadcrumbs 1

Breadcrumbs for Rails Applications

dexion/Caldroid 1

A better calendar for Android

dexion/datagrid 1

Gem to create data grids with sortable columns and filters

dexion/dotfiles 1

Configuration files for all of my Unix utilities

dexion/acrosync-library 0

rsync client library

dexion/acts_as_tenant 0

Easy multi-tenancy for Rails in a shared database setup

dexion/alfabank 0

Unofficial alfabank payment gateway gem

dexion/app-theme-engine 0

An easy to use app-level theme engine for Android developers.

dexion/C-Poker-AI 0

First I made a poker AI in Ruby... not fast enough! Then I made another in Python... still too slow! So this is my third poker AI written entirely in C using the 2+2 hand evaluator algorithm.


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issue commentroomorama/Caldroid

Set calendar vertically. I need weekdays to be in left side .

I need SOmething like this Sun 7 Mon 1 8 Tue 2 9 Wed 3 10 Thur 4 11 Fri 5 12 Sat 6 13 and so on......


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