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Dave Smith devunwired Google Denver, CO IoT @ Google

devunwired/custom-touch-examples 637

Collection of example applications to highlight doing custom touch event handling and using GestureDetectors in Android applications.

devunwired/accessory-samples 375

Talk to Your Toaster Accessory Sample Code

devunwired/coordinated-effort 374

Samples of custom CoordinatorLayout behaviors.

devunwired/custom-view-examples 364

Collection of example applications to highlight creating custom Views and ViewGroups within the Android framework.

actions-on-google/smart-home-local 191

Local Home SDK sample

devunwired/apktools 75

Ruby library for reading/parsing APK resource data

devunwired/layout-pancake 53

Collection of flat layout examples using Android ConstraintLayout

androidthings/edison-candle 42

Production sample using Android Things