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devslashwill/WeeAppTest 105

An example of a custom notification centre widget on iOS 5

devslashwill/Notification-Widget-NIC-Template 25

An NIC template for theos for creating notification centre widgets

devslashwill/CustomWidgetIcons 10

A library for iOS 5 widget devs to use custom icon images on the Notifications settings page.

devslashwill/SBSettings-Toggle-NIC-Template 9

An NIC template for theos for creating SBSettings toggles

devslashwill/CmdAppLauncher 8

Launch apps on iPhone on the command line or over SSH.

devslashwill/Update-Hider-for-iOS-5 7

Hide unwanted updates in the App Store.

devslashwill/CydiaSpotlight 6

Search Cydia from Spotlight (kinda...)

devslashwill/Brightness-Activator-Action 5

Change brightness using Activator

devslashwill/WeeAppTest7 5

Notification center widget for iOS 7

devslashwill/App-Store-Update-Size 4

Show update size on the App Store

fork devslashwill/jobrunr

An extremely easy way to perform background processing in Java. Backed by persistent storage. Open and free for commercial use.

fork in 3 months