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Devon Sparks devonsparks Portland, OR

devonsparks/wat-mode 24

An Emacs major mode for WebAssembly's text format

devonsparks/whitney 3

My annotated copy of Arthur Whitney's "afternoon interpreter"

devonsparks/ifc-ecore 1

An experimental mapping from the in-progress IFC UML schema to Ecore

devonsparks/azuredigitaltwin-dtdl-ontology-samples 0

A sandbox to host experimental ports of asset ontologies (bot, realestatecore, brick, ifcowl) to Azure Digital Twin DTDL.

devonsparks/bsi-data-model-map 0

A diagram showing data model formats and mappings between BSi, OMG, W3C, and ISO/STEP.

devonsparks/earth-display 0

A Polymer port of the Stotz/Thornhill/Van Vleck/Eichin Earth Display.

devonsparks/express-gexf 0

A quick utility to map STEPmod-XML encoded EXPRESS schemas to gexf graphs

devonsparks/IFC-gen 0

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) code generator.

devonsparks/ifc-reeper 0

A dropbox for exploring IFC schema migration using ISO's reeper engine