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eugenyk/hpcourse 17

Repository to store student's practical works on high performance computing course

anyfilatov/MDP 0

This is a major repository of "Cloud" application

denisshvetsov/CalcBrain 0

Shunting-yard algorithm and reverse polish notation

denisshvetsov/Cosmos 0

A star rating control for iOS/tvOS written in Swift

denisshvetsov/LFLiveKit 0

LaiFeng IOS Live Kit,H264 and AAC Hard coding,support GPUImage Beauty, rtmp transmission,weak network lost frame,Dynamic switching rate

denisshvetsov/pickle 0

Carousell flavoured image picker with multiple photo selections.

denisshvetsov/PieCharts 0

Easy to use and highly customizable pie charts library for iOS

fork denisshvetsov/Cosmos

A star rating control for iOS/tvOS written in Swift

fork in 2 months