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Kevin Delannoy delannoyk Toronto, ON, Canada

delannoyk/AudioPlayer 641

AudioPlayer is syntax and feature sugar over AVPlayer. It plays your audio files (local & remote).

delannoyk/GIFRefreshControl 163

GIFRefreshControl is a pull to refresh that supports GIF images as track animations.

delannoyk/KDEDateLabel 114

KDEDateLabel is an UILabel subclass that updates itself to make time ago's format easier.

delannoyk/SoundcloudSDK 81

A Client for Soundcloud's API written in Swift!

delannoyk/RetinAssets 20

RetinAssets is an OS X app that generates @2x images from @3x.

delannoyk/project-euler-swift 4

Solutions to project euler exercices written in swift

delannoyk/YAJSONObject 4

Yet Another JSON Object

delannoyk/apollo-ios 0

📱 A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift


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issue commentdelannoyk/AudioPlayer

any way to set volume and mute/unmute?

This property is available.


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