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solutiongrove/sg-moodle-oauth 9

A simple Single Sign-On OAuth server implementation for Moodle

deds/sg-moodle-oauth 1

A simple Single Sign-On OAuth server implementation for Moodle

deds/annotator 0

Inline annotation for the web in pure Javascript. Select text, images, or (nearly) anything else, and add your notes.

deds/block_quickmail 0

A Moodle block that provides selective, bulk emailing within courses

deds/cloudflare-bypass 0

A static PHP library which allows you to bypass the CloudFlare UAM page (Under Attack Mode).

deds/form 0

jQuery Form Plugin

deds/moodle-auth_emailadmin 0

Moodle plugin to provide email self-registration with admin confirmation


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issue commenthrimhari/moodle-auth_emailadmin

User can login without admin's intervention (using Re-send confirmation button)

@jasimp try PR #46 if it solves your issue. It doesn't need a core patch.


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