dealforest/Cichlid 248

automatically delete the current project's DerivedData directories

dealforest/Tuna 200

Xcode plugin that provides easy set breakpoint with action.

noppoMan/Prorsum 69

A Go like concurrent system + networking/http library for Swift that works on Linux and Mac

noppoMan/SwiftKnex 37

A Mysql Native Client and Query Builder written in Pure Swift

dealforest/iOS-FakeWeb 34

Simple HTTP request mocking/interception for testing module.

dealforest/cocoapods-browser 21

CocoaPods plugin to open a pod's homepage on the browser.

dealforest/Anglerfish 18

sort the recently used simulators

dealforest/CoreMLEasyTryPlayground 6

This repository is a collection of Playgrounds that you can easily try when working with CoreML.