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ddthj/GoslingUtils 8

A set of tools for making RLBots. Check out RLBot Start-To-Finish to learn how to use it:

ddthj/Gosling 6

This is the double-dead version of gosling, which is definitively worse than the LightFall version aside from its 3v3 play.

ddthj/MiniFRC 3

This is the latest version of the MiniFRC Driver Station. It also includes the default robot code. Look inside config.txt for setup instructions.

ddthj/OpenPaul 3

Open-Source release of Paul and his tools

ddthj/3HourBot 1

A bot I made in 3 hours

ddthj/Rogue-Neurons 1

a test of implementing ML decision making into hardcoded bots

darkaero/da-1-build-instructions-images 0

Images for the Build Instructions

ddthj/AirBall 0

A custom gamemode for RLBot, and a bot to go with it