dcampbell24/iup-rust 32

Rust binding for IUP

dcampbell24/poker 8

Packages for creating poker agents and analyzing games.

dcampbell24/cparted 4

A curses front end to pyparted that mimics cfdisk.

dcampbell24/rust-iup-sys 4

Rust bindings for IUP

dcampbell24/bash 2

A collection of bash scripts.

dcampbell24/poker-graph 2

Creates graphs of poker logs.

dcampbell24/cubes 1

library for manipulating pieces of a cube and figuring out how to put them together.

dcampbell24/libgo 1

Rust library that implements the Go Text Protocol

dcampbell24/termy 1

termy tests the capabilities of a terminal and its color scheme.

dcampbell24/two-plus-two-table-Linux 1

The files for the two plus two hand ranks table modified so that they can be easily compiled in Linux.


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