David Buxton dbuxton Arachnys London, UK CEO/founder of @arachnys.

cabotapp/cabot-alert-hipchat 1

Hipchat plugin for cabot

dbuxton/cloth 1

EC2 tasks for Fabric

dbuxton/gdivide 1

Simple CLI to migrate email from specific people (girlfriend, mum) *from* your work Google Apps *to* personal GMail

dbuxton/node-on-dotcloud 1

A little builder script to automatically use NPM on the DotCloud custom service

dbuxton/pyes 1

Python connector for ElasticSearch

dbuxton/python-web 1

urllib2 wrapper to make life easier

dbuxton/task-dashboard 1

Simple JS dashboard for rolling up Trello, Google Calendar etc

dbuxton/cabot-alert-email 0

An email plugin for cabot

dbuxton/django-alexa 0

Amazon Alexa Skills Kit integration for Django