daviddyball/pyseq 2

Python Music Step Sequencer with Pluggable Backends (MIDI/CV/OSC)

daviddyball/pmc 1

Python Terminal-Based Mail Client

daviddyball/ablog 0

Proof of concept for scale-out infrastructure automation

daviddyball/ansible-modules-core 0

Ansible modules - these modules ship with ansible

daviddyball/ansible-modules-extras 0

Ansible extra modules - these modules ship with ansible

daviddyball/aws-service-operator-k8s 0

The AWS Service Operator (ASO) manages AWS services from Kubernetes

daviddyball/elasticsearch-dsl-py 0

High level Python client for Elasticsearch

daviddyball/Fire-and-Maneuver 0

Proof of Concept for an RTS Tactical Shooter

daviddyball/graph-aided-search 0

Elasticsearch plugin offering Neo4j integration for Personalized Search

daviddyball/k8s-sidecar 0

This is a docker container intended to run inside a kubernetes cluster to collect config maps with a specified label and store the included files in an local folder.

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:leaves: JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

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Expand Bootstrap Channel to allow Custom CNI Manifests

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