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David Dias daviddias Protocol Labs @protocol Lisboa, Portugal Making the Web work distributed with @ipfs @libp2p @ipld and @multiformats

daviddias/awesome-hacking-locations 870

:computer: :coffee: List of Awesome Hacking Locations, organised by Country and City, listing if it features power and wifi

adventure-js/ 68

The website

daviddias/blog-maker 6

Blog generator from .md post files, highly inspired from

daviddias/codebits 4

Codebits API Node.js Module Wrapper

daviddias/ 4

Let's solve a new challenge every week, you pick the Language

daviddias/ 3

A information retrieval system for IST, UTL student get notified about new scholarships that are available

ABalanuta/NearTweet-Android-App 2

Repositorio para o Projecto de Cmov de 2013

daviddias/ 2

My personal blog. I write stuff here :)

daviddias/async-buffered-reader 1

Read how many bytes you want from your readable stream when they are available

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David Dias

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issue commentlibp2p/js-libp2p-webrtc-direct

Connecting with go-libp2p node via go-libp2p-webrtc-direct transport

@vasco-santos can you look into this one?


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