David Alber davidalber @redfin Seattle, WA Current: technical lead at Redfin. Recent past: engineering manager at Redfin and software engineer at Walk Score.

davidalber/geneagrapher 23

Mathematical Genealogy Grapher

davidalber/algbox 2

Implementations done to learn new algorithms.

davidalber/rest-open-uri-postpatch 1

A extension of open-uri (forked from rest-open-uri) supporting more request methods.

davidalber/rust-conduct-conformulator 1

Cross-repository conformity verification for the Rust Code of Conduct.

davidalber/angband 0

Official Git repository for Angband

davidalber/avro-rs 0

Avro client library implementation in Rust

davidalber/beaker 0

WSGI middleware for sessions and caching

davidalber/ 0

The Rust Programming Language Blog

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David Alber

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Add NGINX reverse proxy with self-signed certificate

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Share passwords securely

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